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The Acer Liquid Glow has arrived at the FCC’s doorstep, earning the obligatory approvals for release…somewhere. Other than a label verifying model number E330, little more is revealed thanks to a 180-day confidentiality agreement. Without a peek at the Liquid Glow’s radio bands predicting which carriers it may launch on is difficult. There has been no evidence to recommend the handset will see a US release. It’s not outside the realm of possibilities, though. Acer has has a few phone’s make their way to Rogers in Canada, so that remains an option as well. Then again, we could be seeing the global GSM model.

The Android 4.0 phone will be launching soon by the looks of it. We haven’t seen much of anything about the device since we got our first look at Mobile World Congress. For now, though, it’s final destination will remain a mystery.

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