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Via, a known name in the circuitry world, seems to be dabbling in the Android game with an remarkable new product. They’ve introduced an Android PC that will expense and whose motherboard is about the size of a small tablet.

The device comes with an ARM 11 800MHz processor, 2GB of NAND flash (storage can be increased using a microSD card slot or possibly using one of 4 full-sized USB ports), 512MB of RAM, a VGA port, an HDMI port, an ethernet port, and more.

The device’s chassis is nothing special — a black, plastic-based case is the norm for most computers and that’s exactly what you get here: no frills. For you can’t expect much out of a PC, especially when it’s only running Android 2.3 (for now). But this will be perfect for those who want a inexpensive computer to do very basic things on like web browsing, playing 2D games, and listening to music.

We should know more about this bundle once we get closer to launch (Via isn’t saying when that launch will happen), but take a look at a preview video embedded above. [via Netbook News]

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